Ojo/Olakulain (2006): The Place of Multiple Intelligence in Achieving the Objectives and Goals of Open and Distance Learning Institutions: a critical analysis

mi_and_odl.gifDer Beitrag von Ojo und Olakulain wurde veröffentlicht im Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education-TOJDE July 2006 ISSN 1302-6488 Volume: 7 Number: 3 Article: 1. Interessant ist dieser Artikel, weil er auf den Zusammenhang zwischen Open Distance Learning (ODL) und Multiple Intelligence eingeht (Darauf hatte ich grundsätzlich in meinem Vortrag auf der ELearnChina2003 hingewiesen). Die Autoren stellen darüber hinaus auch ein neues Modell zur Diskussion: “The model conceives effective team and group activities as a product of multiple intelligence. This view is completely opposed to the great-man conception of team/group direction in which superior intelligence is seen as being vested in a particular individual or cadre of individuals who are solely responsible for developing policy direction for the effectiveness of organizational functioning. Each of the organizational subsystems within the open and distance learning system can only succeed if the dynamic interplay between the various admixtures of skills present within the subsystem is effectively annexed to in the operations of the sub-system. This is the micro-application of the concept of multiple intelligence in the development of departmental goals and objectives as well as the means of achieving these group objectives.”