Das Innovationsverständnis ändert sich, und damit auch der Umgang mit Innovation (Innovationsmanagement)

Das Projekt INFU hat sich mit dem veränderten Innovationsverständnis auseinander gesetzt, und die Erkenntnisse im INFU Report 2012 zusammengefasst: “However, today innovation is seen as something that can happen anywhere by anyone at anytime. Emerging innovation models such as open innovation, user innovation, or community innovation describe this development stressing that innovation is increasingly perceived as an open, distributed, and networked phenomenon. Accordingly, innovation is not primarily driven by entrepreneurial firms. More often than not, innovations are developed within a network of customers, universities, citizens and public organizations. New paths and arrangements for developing and adopting new products, services, and solutions are driven by new technologies, the willingness of customers and citizens to contribute to innovations against a backdrop of global economic competition and rising educational backgrounds” (INFU-Report 2012:85).