Gardner, H. (2007): Future Minds (Video)

howardgardner.jpgIn diesem Vortrag (60 min.) vom 10. Juli spricht Howard Gardner nicht direkt über die Multiple Intelligenzen Theorie, sondern über Five Minds For The Future. Dennoch ist es interessant Howard Gardner zu sehen und ihm zuzuhören: “In this lecture series, filmed at the RSA in London, Harvard professor Howard Gardener examines the mental capacities needed for the future in a globalised world. The kinds of minds he suggests should be cultivated are three cognitive ones: the disciplined mind, the synthesizing mind and the creating mind, and two that deal with the human sphere: the respectful mind and the ethical mind. Gardener discusses how these can be best nurtured, and points out some of the inevitable tensions created between them. After the lecture a group of teachers discuss how these ideas are used in practice in the classroom today.”