Frugale Innovationen: Ergebnisse einer europäischen Studie


Die europäische Studie zu Frugalen Innovationen Fraunhofer ISI (2017): Study on frugal innovation and reengineering of traditional techniques (PDF, Kurzfassung) zeigt auch anhand von Beispielen auf, wie Frugale Innovation gelingen kann. Der Begriff Frugale Innovationen bezieht sich dabei auf den “process of reducing a solution to exactly those, often basic, functionalities that users will need, thus economising on resources and cost” (S. 4). Die Erkenntnisse der Studie werden wie folgt zusammengefasst (S. 14).

1. Many Europeans pursue frugally inspired projects, often driven by altruistic motivation but at the same time confident that they will eventually become viable or even profitable.
2. The prevailing approach in firms with a primary focus on technology development remains non-frugal for good reasons, but new actors could be mobilised for frugal innovation.
3. There are several very positive examples of more open innovation models in Europe, even if most have not yet connected with the industrial mainstream.
4. Many technologies constitute relevant platforms for the design of future frugal solutions, even if the heralded industrial paradigm shift has yet to materialize.
5. There are clear trends that point towards greater demand for frugal solutions in Europe. However, it seems that often, customers are still hesitant about choosing frugal solutions due to the negative image associated with “buying affordably”.
6. Most smaller firms face considerable challenges in the attempt to launch technology-based frugal solutions on emerging markets, and many have failed in the process.
7. Due to slow market reactions, it proves difficult to scale first ideas to broad applications. For many of the solutions reviewed, public sector demand could be an initial trigger.
8. To be considered worthy of public policy support, frugal projects should aim not only at achieving low prices but on proven quality and limited environmental footprint.

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