Open Innovation bedeutet auch Open Service Innovation

Open Innovation wird immer noch zu sehr auf die Öffnung des Innovationsprozesses für physische Produkte angewendet. Das eigentliche Potential liegt allerdings in der Nutzung von Open Innovation für Dienstleistungen (Services). In dem EU-Jahrbuch zu Service Innovation geht Henry Chesbrough genau darauf ein: „Businesses today often labour under a product mindset as they innovate. What is needed instead is a new services mindset. This mindset will place the customer experience at the centre of a business’s purpose. It will unlock greater value for customers in their dealings with providers. It will differentiate providers and enhance margins. It will redesign business processes and business models. And it will lead to renewed growth for the business, and for an economy of such businesses.“ Quelle: Chesbrough, H. (2011): Open services innovation — a new mindset to find new sources of growth. In: EU (2011): Service Innovation Yearbook 200-2011, p. 13. Siehe dazu auch Corral, M. (2010: Put user in the center for services.